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Volkswagen Tiguan

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The compact Volkswagen Tiguan crossover developed on the basis of the deserved popular VW Golf, over the past 5 years has been one of the sales leaders in Russia. Several versions of the model of this five -door crossover with a set of functions in relation to the lifestyle and driving the owner are offered. Versions “Track & Field “and” Track & Style ”have special body designs and off-road off-road systems that help to perfectly overcome obstacles, off-road and mountainous areas. The version “Trend&Fun “is a comfortable hatchback for the city,” Sport&Style ” – for sports driving. A spacious interior with sound insulation has heating and adjustment of all seats, electric drives of mirrors and glasses, climate control, audio system. The advantage of the model is a carrying capacity: the trunk contains up to 650 cargo, and up to 100 kg can be immersed on a specially equipped roof. All configurations are equipped with anti -lock systems, course stability and tire pressure control. The power of the gasoline engine depending on the version is 150-200 liters.With., acceleration time to 100 kilometers-from 8.5 to 10.9 seconds. Fuel consumption depending on the cycle is in the range of 6.5-13.3 liters per 100 km of road. There are also versions with a diesel engine of 2 liters. SUV security systems received an assessment of “5 stars” from European experts. The standard configuration includes auxiliary systems ABS, EBD, ESP, EBA, ASR, HHC, there is an electronic blocking of differential, immobilizer and central locking. You can find out about in Moscow on the site:

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