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Tired of the TV? Ideas to relax with the family

by texasnews

How often we get tired at work so much that we do not have enough time to rest normally and play with children? We barely get to the sofa, take the remote control and methodically switch the channels. But is it a vacation? Eyes in a day tired of the monitor or checking notebooks, estimates, etc. D., treacherously closed, and in the head only a noise from the next tearing the brain of the program from the box.

I do not want to talk about bad, but often broadcasts from the TV do not carry anything new or useful. Of course, exceptions are cognitive transfers about travel, about animals … But do we often watch them, especially with children? We turn on the next current show, sometimes we laugh and in the end we only spoil your vision. Children at this time subconsciously absorb the information unnecessary to them. Isn’t it easier to come up with something new and useful and spend time with pleasure. So, we start. Let’s try to invite your loved ones to get together all together. Read books in the evenings. Remove from the shelf, long -forgotten lotto and play with the children. It will be unusually fun. By the way, if a child of school age, it will be useful for him to be leading in this game. To get barrels with numbers and call them is a good practice in studying numbers. Teach the child to play chess or checkers. Making chess will help the child learn to think through his actions a few steps forward. By the way, all chess players are excellent mathematicians. Yes, how many games can still be found: puzzles, erudis, lego, designer. Try playing with your child. Both you and he will receive a lot of pleasure from this. And you can also draw, cut the origami, glue a dinosaur or sew a clubfoot bear ..

A great remedy for boredom will be modeling. Remember with what pleasure you sculpted animals in childhood))). In addition to a pleasant lesson, you still contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the child. Which is very important, especially for preschoolers.

Find the flying coins and play the following game: a counterfeiter. Instructions: You need to put different coins under the paper. Book with a pencil – the coins will “appear”. Then cut paper coins and glue the appropriate sides (from 5 years).

You see how many interesting classes can be found around. The main thing is your desire. Good luck!

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