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The health of workers after extinguishing a train with chemicals

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Water used to extinguish a chemical train in Ohio has been transported to a Houston suburb for disposal, with local authorities concerned that the transport could have adversely affected the health of workers, the Associated Press reported, citing a local official.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said Deer Park, Texas, received about 1.8 million liters of toxic water for disposal. At the same time, according to her, transportation can adversely affect the health of workers.

“I know that our community was just as stunned by this news as I was. I also want people to understand that there are many things that we do not know about, but should know,” the judge said.

The water was delivered to the site of Texas Molecular, a hazardous waste disposal company. Its representatives said that the company has experience in operations of this kind.

A freight train derailed in Ohio on February 3 carrying dozens of wagons full of hazardous chemicals. The accident caused a fire and an explosion. Hazardous substances were found in the atmosphere, and to eliminate an even greater threat, rescuers opened containers of chemicals in order to carry out their controlled arson.

After the accident, the authorities evacuated local residents, but later they were allowed to return home. The state’s Department of the Environment said that the level of pollution does not exceed acceptable standards. At the same time, the old-timers spoke about cases of malaise, as well as the death of animals and fish due to the release of chemicals after the accident.

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