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We collect a high -quality audio system for the car, part 2

by texasnews

Coaxial acoustics are cheaper than component. As a rule, it has in its design a column of medium or high frequency or in general – broadband speakers. For those drivers who mainly like to conduct a quietly listening to radio in the course of movement, coaxial acoustics may be the most attractive solution. When choosing speakers, you will have to pay attention to the sensitivity of the columns. In good speakers, such an indicator should be at least 90-95 dB. How to be with an amplifier? For a car radio, you do not need to buy an additional amplifier. It is better to choose such a radio that will have two amplifiers in its design – preliminary and main. Only in this option can it be guaranteed that the sound will be of the highest quality. And the last moment. As soon as the radio, the speakers and the subwoofer are installed in the passenger compartment, you will have to start finishing the cabin. Otherwise, with a high sound level, it will be possible to get too much resonance too much. In other words, the columns may begin to rattle. But having installed high -quality finishes in the cabin, the driver will achieve two things – it will be warmer in the cabin, and the unnecessary sound will be smoothed out by upholstery. Of course, the cost of upholstery can be excessively high. But if the driver really wants his automobile audio system to differ in high -quality sound, then it will have to pay close attention to it. You can buy at favorable prices on the site:

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