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A new road sign will be introduced into Russia

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Very soon in Russia, to existing road signs, a new one can be added – warning motorists about the section of the roadway, which records violations of traffic rules of traffic rules. Such a bill was sent by Vladimir Kolokoltsev (head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), news reported.

What appearance will be endowed with the sign is still unknown. Some time ago, the traffic police organized a survey on the sketch of the future sign, but then, it was only a certain small plate, which was planned to be installed in conjunction with other signs (for example, limiting speed). By the way, there is information that in some cases, a new sign will replace (or duplicate) a special marking applied to the road surface.

It should be noted that in the accompanying sheet to the bill, it is emphasized that such warnings for motorists have proven themselves quite well in other countries: “Foreign practice indicates a fairly tangible effect …,” the note noted in the note.

At the moment, in the Russian Federation, signs that warn about the presence of various complexes of fixation of the speed regime are installed only in some road sections and are made in different external executions. Recall that in the fall of last year, in the capital, an action took place, during which the signs of the “speaking” about the presence of chambers of controlling speeds were set by motorists independently ..

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