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Modern coarse equipment as excavators or bulldozers, as well as other earthquakes, today move using wheels or caterpillars, along special rails, can walk with supports or swim on the surface of water. But the most common way to move the earth vehicles was a caterpillar move. With this course, the car can easily drive through any unevenness when working at a construction site or in places of mining. The creators of cars that grow up of the Earth have always worried the problem of their reliable move. At the beginning of the last century, in many countries they tried to find the replacement of the wheel drive of the excavator on another. At the end of the nineteenth century, a scientist from Russia Fedor Blinov, using the mechanism of movement of wagons along the rails, created a new running device. So appeared a caterpillar tractor. Abroad, such machines began to be produced only in the twentieth century.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the creation of caterpillar tractors made it possible to use them as a base for an earthy machine. It was the earthy machines that began to be widely used in various types of work, during the construction of routes, in the mining industry, so their improvement was necessary.

The first caterpillar excavators were little like those that we see now. The first machines were half made of wood, not only the arrow of the car, but also the caterpillars themselves were wooden. Later, the caterpillars of the excavator began to be made completely from metal. And one of the first excavators with metal caterpillars was used in the construction of the Culomets channel in the United States.

Nowadays, the most common type of loading and unloading, as well as earthenica machines is a caterpillar excavator. Its main feature is the presence of a caterpillar running mechanism. It is thanks to him that such an excavator can go along any road, regardless of what soil or coating does it consist of. In addition, work on such machines will not depend on weather conditions. Caterpillar excavators are used even in the most difficult places. They are used both in minerals and when building buildings.

By the way, in our country, the caterpillar excavators have great demand, the volume of the bucket of which is about one cubic meter. In second place are excavators with a bucket volume up to two cubic meters, the third – excavators, whose bucket in which can accommodate less than one cubic meter.

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