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What does the car consist of?

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The car consists of various mechanisms, systems and wires. Here are the three main parts of the machine – this is an engine, chassis and body. The engine is the heart of the machine and the source of energy that is needed for movement. It consists of a crooked -shawl and gas distribution system, it also contains power, lubrication, ignition and cooling systems. The cooling system is needed for cylinders and different details so that they do not heat up much. The gas distribution system helps to get a combustible mixture into the cylinder and helps to withdraw combustion products. The power system helps to mix fuel and air, regulates the amount of the mixture and supplies it to the cylinders. After that, it removes the products of combustion from the cylinders outward and at the same time the noise of the produced vapors. One of the main details is the generator. Usually installed generators of three -phase. They consist of a rotor and stator. If we consider the inner surface of the stator, then we will see grooves there, coils are carefully laid in them. These coils are connected sequentially to each other. On both sides, the stator is tightly closed with lids, and the rotor is located on the bearings. The rotor is two six -pole magnets that are attached to the steel shaft. The winding is placed inside the rotor itself. Its ends are tightly soldered to the two copper rings of the collector. The generator works from the crankshaft, using a wedge -shaped belt. The generator directly depends on the voltage regulator, which limits the voltage and holds it within the norm. Here is such a complex mechanism in almost every machine. You can buy at competitive prices on the site:

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