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New Camry will be presented in Moscow?

by texasnews

Japanese Toyota published the first teaser, where the new Camry is presented. It can be recalled that at the end of August the official show of the new items will be held – the car will debut at the car dealership in Moscow. Recall that in St. Petersburg they can establish the production of these “Japanese”.The official source reports a completely new car, but some experts suggest that it is actually about the current version of the Japanese sedan, which will be very processed. That is how it was with the American modification of Camry, when the car received a new design, some elements, and also increased a little in the gabarits.

The technical characteristics of the novelty have not yet reported anything. In Russia itself, the current generation of these sedans is equipped with a choice of one of the three engines. So, buyers in this country are offered a 2-liter motor and a capacity of 148 horsepower and an 181-horsepower unit with a volume of 2.5 liters. The most powerful engine from the ruler differs 249 “horses”, its volume is 3.5 liters.

In Europe, this car is not sold due to small demand, instead, Avensis is moving. As for the American version of the Japanese machine, in this market, motorists are offered a choice of two engines, plus there is a hybrid version.

In addition to these, the main Foreign Camry markets are Ukraine and the Middle East.

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