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Cargo transportation from TELS GLOBAL: main types of services and advantages

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The development of global markets and economic ties between countries increases cargo turnover and requires the organization of reliable and permanent transport connections. This requires clear logistics, a rational approach to organizing all processes, the use of a network of warehouses and the work of experienced specialists. TELS GLOBAL is an international logistics provider offering comprehensive services in transportation and logistics industry by all modes of transport, including warehousing, insurance, financial and other related services.

Main types of services

The company began its work in the UK, focusing on transportation in European countries. As the business developed, its focus shifted to the east of the continent, when offices opened in the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

Among the main characteristics that the company has are:

  1. Transportation of goods by road throughout the European space.
  2. The use of air, rail or sea transport to deliver large quantities of goods and materials, or their movement between different continents.
  3. Processing of goods in warehouses, their packaging and labeling in accordance with transportation conditions.
  4. Focus on industry specialization of goods, which includes automotive products, beverages, consumer goods (FMCG), and electrical equipment.
  5. Transportation of goods from China in containers.

An important aspect of the activity is the possibility of multimodal transportation, when goods are transshipped from one transport to another without the need to again draw up documents for the customer and recipient. Another option is consolidated cargo. In this case, several shipments are collected in a container for different customers, where the goods go in the same direction. This type of delivery is practiced for small clients.

Work principles

The company’s main emphasis is on creating a unified supply chain, when cargo goes from the sender to the recipient in a single transport corridor; there is no need to formalize border crossings every time, or transshipment of cargo from one type of transport to another. For this purpose, automation of all processes is used, including logistics plans and paperwork. All stages of movement of transported objects are controlled.

The company quickly and comprehensively takes into account all market changes in its activities, responds in the optimal way, offering the most rational transportation options for any clients.

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