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New Renault Twingo: only for men!

by texasnews

In the near future, Renault plans to release a new modification of the Twingo hatchback in a five -door performance. The car producer considered that this new product should attract male buyers, because previous versions of the car have always been especially attracted by the fairer sex.Actually, it is not yet very clear why it was necessary to remove the three -door Twingo from production. In principle, women prefer neat Citicar mainly due to design. Such a little car does not attract men at all, and the number of doors has nothing to do with it at all. For example, the “charged” version of the Renault Clio RS is also three -door. That’s just the stronger gender, this does not bother at all.

As for the new Twingo, it has already been mentioned several times that its overall dimensions will increase compared to the predecessor. So the rear passengers will now become much more comfortable in the car interior.

If we talk about the power units of the novelty, then the Twingo hatchback will be equipped with the same motors as the German Smart Fortwo car of the last generation. So, this is an electric motor, as well as three- and four-cylinder internal combustion engines. At the moment, this is all the information about the new version of the Twingo hatchback.

Unfortunately, the automaker does not even report the approximate cost of a five -door car. By the way, the exact date of the official debut of the new item is also unknown.

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