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Nissan will present the new Pulsar hatchback

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The world -famous manufacturer of stylish and comfortable cars is Nissan – Planning to revive the name “Pulsar” for a completely new hatchback. This vehicle will appear in the largest European market in the fall of this year and will become a very serious and worthy competitor for the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf models.

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The recently famous Japanese car concert published several teaser images that demonstrated the similarity of the front of the Pulsar model with the Qashqai crossover popular among buyers. Nissan representatives claim that the new hatchback will satisfy all the needs of the buyer and promise that the car will be able to show the same high class and quality as other famous models of the concern.

The assembly of the Pulsar model will be established at the largest Spanish factory, which is located in Barcelona. With the advent of this hatchback, the famous Japanese brand wants to fill a long -empty niche in its line, which was formed after the Almera model left the European market. Nissan Pulsar will be officially presented on May 20.

It is worth recalling that the name “Pulsar” appeared on the cars of the Japanese manufacturer in 1978 of the last century. Then it was quite actively used on Asian and Australian car markets.

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