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“Network” wheels will appear in the USA

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Many American firms are engaged in the development of new tires, including Michelin and Bridgestone. Serial production of new “airless” wheels is launched by a company that is engaged exclusively with SUVs. The following year, “Polaris” (or rather their unit – Resilient Tech) will present an innovative solution on the market.The space between the rim and the hub is filled with tough knitting needles. The wheels themselves in the series are made on the basis of cellular material, a composite type. The high elasticity of the cell allows it to maintain the shape and weight of the body, and the flexibility of the tire softens the effect of contact with the road. The developers argue that the new wheels have passed a number of serious tests that confirmed: “airless” wheels do perfectly mechanical influence and may well replace pneumatic tires on US roads.

To check them, they were even shot from firearms, and then for about five thousand hours were tested on SUV. The largest requirements are made in terms of security while the “airless” wheels meet all norms. The design of cells is such that stones or sticks do not get stuck in them when driving. Early tires behave perfectly on the road, clearly react to the driver’s actions. Unlike ordinary tires, the new development does not make resonating sounds. The cost of “airless” tires has not yet been called, but the figure will not be sky -high.

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