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Rust removal from the car body

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In most cases, from all areas of the car body, the most susceptible to corrosion are the opening of the wheels, frame, as well as the bottom. In addition, often rust occurs on the thresholds of the car. In the event that the car is operated for a rather long period, then the trunk and hood should be checked.

Rust is removed, as a rule, using specially designed means. Similar means, in addition to neutralizing corrosion formations, also prevent the formation of rust in the future. Also in the work you will need putty, rust converter, degreasing agent and anti -corrosion soil.

It should be noted that before direct operation, the car must be thoroughly washed. The damaged area must be cleaned, for which sandpaper is used, a grinding machine or metal brush is used. Further, the turn of chemical processing comes.

First of all, the targeted place should be processed with a degreasing agent, after which they are already moving on to applying the rust converter. If the body is not damaged, you can do without putting putty. Before applying anti -corrosion soil, the treated area must be thoroughly washed. Now it remains only to apply paintwork to the processed place.

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