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Beads: Through the centuries

by texasnews

What is your favorite lesson, hobby? Drawing, embroidery? I propose to try something new, for example, beadwork. This activity is a very exciting and useful thing. It is worth noting that it is also a developmental. Beadwhelming is a lesson for the whole family: both mothers and children of 6-7 years old will be happy to deal with this needlework. Show the child the beauty of home -made products, and perhaps this will become their favorite pastime for life.

You can do anything from beads. Just admire the paintings embroidered with beads, they attract their eyes, are very beautiful and will be a great gift to your friends and acquaintances. So try to raise and you will enjoy. Kids need something simpler. Children will be happy to engage in beads weaving. Funny crocodile suspensions on a mobile, flowers, various figures will not only like kids and will be their pride, but can also serve as an excellent gift, for example, mom.

Want to create with children? Make collective trees and flowers from beads. They will definitely be an excellent decoration of your home and pride.

Important! You should not give beads to children under three years old!!!! After all, there is a danger that kids can inhale or swallow bright beads.

When the beads first appeared, it’s hard to say. And when the glass exactly appeared, it is also difficult to say. However, many believe that the homeland is Egypt. Somewhere – 6,000 years BC. e. Glass was born. Then beads of various shapes and sizes began to appear. As time went. Glass processing technologies improved and beads became smaller and less ..

Beads appreciated and made in all corners of the light. So during the Roman Empire, beads were made in Alexandria. By the way, there was first made a glass of glass there.

In the Middle Ages, beads also remained very popular. Made it in Venice. Over time, Venice became the “kingdom of manufacturing beads”. Its quality was so high that it was exchanged even for gold and spice.

In the XVI-XVII centuries, plants for the manufacture of beads begin to be built throughout Europe. Glass workshops are a thing of the past. Beads become accessible to an ordinary person, and not just the rich people.

The end of the XIX century is the time of the invention of machines for the production of beads. Beads are cheaper. However, it becomes not as popular as before.

Nowadays, beads are back in fashion again. It is used in weaving jewelry: bracelets, baubles, pendants on mobile phones … Famous designers decorate clothes with beads. Beads embroider wonderful paintings. The beads are popular again!

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