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BMW hurries to Russia

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The BMW Auto Concerte was seriously thinking about strengthening its positions in the markets of countries that are actively developing, as well as increase the production of machines in Russia. BMW seriously intends to increase the production of its cars in rapidly developing countries, so now it is discussed the possibility of increasing production in Russia. Currently, BMW occupies 60% of the total German automobile market, which is 10% less than the previous 10 years. According to the chief financial director of Friedrich Aykhiner, the company plans to reduce its dependence on the oscillating market of Germany, although in terms of production growth indicators it is growing stably and will soon reach the indicator of 2 million cars per year. In turn, Frederick noted the growth of jumps in prices on the world market, which is a huge threat of auto industry. The market of Russia attracted foreign manufacturers to grow incomes of the population, as well as a low competition in the car market, because according to statistics, a third of cars are twisting in the country’s expanses over 15 years old, while European cars have this indicator 2 times less. This indicator allows us to expect good demand manufacturers. Despite all the benefits that the concern from expanding production in Russia will receive, the company has not yet made a decision regarding investment. Aihiner clearly made it clear that the company’s investment plans remain conservative and that if the concern itself plans to grow, then the management painstakingly approaches the issue of expanding production and its direction. Want to buy ? The optimal price. Details on the website Landrover-Avtoliga

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