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In Moscow in the house N30 on Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, a car shop opened. The huge letters “Lorraine-Dietrich” flaunted over the windows. By 1911, he sold 34 cars to the wealthy pioneers – at that time decently.

In the spring of 1913, at the IV International Automobile Exhibition in St. Petersburg, a double racing Lorraine-Dietrich with a 15-liter 120-horsepower four-cylinder engine and a streamlined body was acquired by the Moscow merchant and motorist Mikhail Mikhailovich Sychev. It was a huge car with an archaic chain transmission that seemed already then. However, Lorraine-Dietrich retained it on its racing models longer. The chain gear, being easier than a cardan, reduced the unsproved mass of the car and made it possible to quickly change the main gear ratio of the transmission depending on the quality of the route by simple replacement of stars.

Soon on this Lorraine-Dietrich Sychev set the All-Russian speed record-156 km/h. When the revolution broke out, Mikhail Mikhailovich fled to Paris, where … dancing in one of the Russian restaurants.

Meanwhile, since 1924, the Lorraine-Dietrich brand began to take prizes in the most prestigious car races one after another.

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