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What opportunities does the Ispmanager panel provide for users and the main advantages

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Ispmanager carries out a number of manipulative actions with various software using the interface. The control circle is quite extensive and includes various resources, such as mail servers, hosting, web servers, etc.

Control panel for web hosting is designed to perform a chain of capabilities in different directions:

  • handle domain administration;
  • analyze logs and monitor statistical data;
  • create backup copies;
  • manage files and control the degree of access;
  • interact with mail;
  • to ensure simplicity and comfort of work, you can set anti-spam protection;
  • administer databases;
  • organize safe operation of the system;
  • familiarization with statistics on server operation;
  • manage user accounts;
  • master the functionality of the server on your own.

For a long time, the control panel has been a leader in this segment. It is an attractive product not only for Russians, but also for residents of near and far abroad. World famous concerns have been using the panel for a long time.

Description of the Ispmanager control panel and its advantages

All users interested in this control panel are aware of the release of the new, fifth version of the program. Unlike previous products, it has a number of differences that improve it. These include integration only into the operating systems CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. Version 5 is not suitable for other OS.

One of the positive qualities of this panel is its cost-effectiveness. Due to fairly flexible settings, traffic consumption can be minimized without compromising work. The acquisition of Ispmanager is carried out on a commercial basis; in order to successfully carry out the integration, you must purchase a licensed product. If you purchase a pirated version, you will receive a license for 14 days. This is just enough to familiarize yourself with the panel.

Another advantage is the variety of utilities that Ispmanager successfully supports. If necessary, they are easily updated via the OS.

The most powerful argument in the benefits team is the convenience and comfort of interacting with the control panel. This function is due to a well-designed interface. Even novice users easily find a common language with him. To avoid mistakes, the buttons have tooltips.

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