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Chevrolet with a “mechanic” and an adaptive suspension

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The team of employees of the Chevrolet Corporation intends to change the list of “charged” versions of SS. In summer, the car will be able to equip a six -speed manual gearbox, as well as the adaptive suspension of Magnetic Control, which is used, for example, on the Cadillac ATS model and the Chevrole Stingray supermachine. This is reported by correspondents of the Motor Trend publication.

SS model was presented at the end of February last year. A four-door car has an eight-cylinder V-shaped motor 6.2, which was used on the Corvette last generation. The level of return of the power stop demonstrates 420 horses and 562 nm of the peak moment. The power plant operates so far only with the six -band “automatics”. From a position of up to 100 kilometers per hour, the car accelerates in approximately five seconds.

Eight months after the presentation of the car, the head of the Chevrolet Performance D. Fitzpatrick said that it does not exclude the likelihood of output of the SS version with an increased engine power indicator. He added that entering markets of a similar version depends on the indicator of the sale of a car with its current configuration. It is possible to purchase this car right now on the company’s official website at a fairly acceptable cost with home delivery.

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