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Child car seats.

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Today, the use of special chairs for transporting children is no longer outraged and does not surprise anyone. Everyone knows that special children’s seats are created not just for show, but to ensure more safety to young children on a trip. But it so happens that inexperienced drivers make mistakes when choosing a chair. In this case, there can be no talk of additional security. In this connection, the choice of children’s sitting should be approached very carefully. Nowadays, countless children’s seats can be found on car markets, since what you need to know so as not to make a mistake in your choice? You need to know only a few aspects to make the right choice. Consider the type of seats of group 23, that is, for a child tall above 1 meter. This type of seat is quite wide, and in connection with which, universal. It fixes the passenger using a regular seat belt that lies in the middle of the shoulder. It is very important to remember! The belt should lie so that it starts at the level of your child’s shoulder, not higher and not lower. Otherwise, there will be a serious danger to your child. In the case of sharp braking, the belt can slide on the passenger’s neck and seriously press on the neck or just fly away, in any case, injuries are inevitable. Also, a serious danger threatens a child in whom the growth does not reach 1 meter, in which case he will not satisfy the requirements of the chair, which in the turn will not provide absolutely no safety to your child. You are interested ? You can find inexpensive and high-quality summer tires on the SHINY-DISKI website.SU. The lowest prices and the best car nets. Car races for any car and for every taste.

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