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Class “C” Daewoo Gentra

by texasnews

In the summer of 2013, a new front -wheel drive sedan with Daewoo Gentra was presented on the car markets. It will not be entirely correct to call the car independent, since, in fact, it is only an advanced copy that has received a “new face”, popular and already loved, but withdrawn from production in 2012, Chevrolet Lacetti. It is produced at a factory in Uzbekistan

The shape of the hood, front bumper, front optics are modified. Daewoo Gentra front suspension is represented by McPherson racks, while a multi -link design has been used. Front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes.

There are no significant transformations in the interior. Depending on the modification, a set of equipment differs. Initially, these are airbags, air conditioning, steering wheel with adjustable height, fog lights, steel discs of 15 inches. More equipped equipment has heated front chairs, hatch, alloy alloy wheels, modernized upholstery of seats.

The car is driven by a 16-valve 1.5-l with a gasoline engine of 105 liters.With., working on 5-speed mechanics or 4-band machine. Fuel consumption per 100 km is 8.46 liters in the first case and 9.46 in the second. The engine meets the universally recognized Euro-5 standard in terms of emissions into the atmosphere.

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