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CQR company works in the field of computer security

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Any company or organization in modern conditions cannot do without building a computer network with extensive data exchange. Such systems become vulnerable to external attacks from hackers and are fraught with malfunctions or loss of important information. To prevent leaks and build high-quality protection, the Order Security Assessment service is offered.

Company Services

The CQR company works in the field of computer security and can conduct a Vulnerability Assessment of any network or system. This option for identifying vulnerabilities allows you to quickly find weaknesses in protection and take measures to prevent external attacks. Work begins with Security evaluation, where a comprehensive study of the system is carried out.

Among the main issues that the company’s specialists will help solve are:

  1. A penetration test is carried out in manual and automatic mode, when a hacker attack is simulated, and all the deficiencies in the system’s security are revealed. Based on the work performed, you can immediately identify all vulnerabilities and quickly fix them.
  2. Based on the client’s request, a testing methodology can be selected that takes into account the level of security required for the customer and the specifics of his network.
  3. An audit of the entire system, installed equipment and programs is carried out, and the interaction of elements with human participation is checked.
  4. Based on identified vulnerabilities, recommendations can be made for blocking, fixing them, and measures can be developed to prevent such problems in the future.

Advantages of the company

The CQR company employs expert level specialists; they understand exactly how hacker attacks are carried out and what attackers aim for when hacking security. Based on their knowledge and experience, they can identify all the shortcomings of the system, close the gaps and develop a methodology to avoid problems when scaling the network and involving new users in its work.

The work being carried out will make it possible to compile a list of all potential vulnerabilities and identify infrastructure deficiencies in order to build a more rational system. Company managers can obtain detailed information about this, visualize the state of their system in detail, and make informed decisions on measures to improve it.

The cost of searching for vulnerabilities is small, especially considering the damage that can be caused by hacker attacks, data loss, or information leakage into the hands of another party.

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