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Horizontal two – and one -pipe heating system

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A feature of the horizontal heating system is the complete absence of vertical risers. For the installation of such systems, polypropylene pipes are used (metal -plastic or reinforced plastic). These pipes are very durable and make it possible to lay the heating system in the walls and floors.

One -pipe system is balanced using special fittings on the radiator, into which bypasses are built. The two -pipe system is balanced using thermostat.

Choosing from one and two -pipe systems, first of all, you need to understand that the installation of a single -pipe system will be much cheaper. So it is suitable for one -story small houses. The significant minus of such a system is that the closer the radiator to the boiler, the hotter it will be. Therefore, in a large house, remote radiators will be much colder and the temperature difference will be observed in the house itself. There is no such thing in the two -pipe system. Separate pipes are suitable for each radiator that pumps the coolant into it. After all the coolant gathers in one circuit, from where it gets back to the boiler. Such a scheme is usually built in multi -storey buildings, where one boiler heats all floors.

The horizontal system can be planned and mounted, taking into account the fact that the coolant can be operated in both pre -person and dead end circuits. In general, the problem of air removal is acute in the system. Propylen pipes are expanded when heated, therefore, during installation on the floor or walls, special compensators of the length are installed. No pipe inclination in the case of installation of a horizontal system is allowed, so the air pumping out is impossible. Here the problem is solved only by cranes of Maevsky or special air vents, which are built into the system. You can also put special air separators. In the system itself, the coolant is moved only by the pump.

The heating system with the natural or pumping movement of the coolant refers to the subtype of trigemic systems. There are also collector systems where heating management is more flexible and allows you to adjust it for itself.

It is important when installing a wide heating system to do everything right and not get confused in a large number of pipes. This, by the way, not only weights installation, but also makes it more costly.

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