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New owners “Yo” will not survive a hybrid

by texasnews

The first hybrid crossover of the Russian Federation will most likely go down in history, and not even born. It should also be noted that by us (research automotive and automobile institutions) to resume work on the Yo project does not intend to. This data was reported by an news agency called “Interfax”. As the Director General by us named M. Nagaytsev, creating a new car from scratch, t.e. From the very beginning – the initiative is too expensive. Therefore, the production of the “same product” is no longer talking.

However, the modern developed technologies themselves – including the latest electric drive and body composite panels – should in no case be the abyss. Most likely, all these innovations will be involved in other areas. And the company entitled “Yo -Engineering” will continue its work in the capital of Belarus – the city of Minsk. Car seats 9-18 kg for children, as well as other accessories for cars, you have the opportunity to order by using sites on the World Wide Web.

It is also expected that experts who were involved in the Yo project will be involved in the creation of cars for the first persons of the country – as part of a program called “Cortege”. It should also be recalled that this work coordinates by us, and fifty percent of investment is allocated directly from the federal budget. As for the “Yo”, at the moment, the research institute has all modern technologies, calculation methods, as well as test results on this project.

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