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Peugeot declassified the hatchback with Shark skin

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The staff of the PEUGEOT concern was declassified by the conceptual model Exalt, during the development of which engineers used thermally unprocessed steel, black tree, basalt fiber and material called the manufacturer “Shark Leather”. The public presentation of the car will be held in April this year at an exhibition in Beijing.

The prototypical version has an EMP2 modular platform used in the latest generation Peugeot 308. The dimensions of the overall length of the machine are 4.7 meters (slightly smaller than the Grand Turismo model), and the height indicators are 1.31 meters. The weight of the prototypical option, which has 20-inch wheels, is 1700 kg. A 340-horsepower hybrid power plant is driven into motion.

It will soon be simple as to purchase a car as on the website/Models/Ced/Buy KIA CEED.

The hybrid power unit contains a 270-horsepower gasoline turbosystem 1.6, which is installed in front, an electrical device located on the rear axle, as well as six -speed automatic equipment. The dynamic characteristic of the beginner has not yet been reported.

According to the representative of Peugeot, it took a newcomer to produce a year and a half – a little more than it goes to many other concepts.

For the first time about the plan of Peugeot Corporation for the production of a similar large hatchback model, they spoke in mid -2012. Then the media reported that such a car will be able to get a mark of 501 and enter the markets in 2015. Official evidence of this data has not yet been.

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