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Supercar Spyker C8 Aileron in anticipation of a new power unit

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Drawing attention to the insufficient capacity of its Spyker C8 Aileron supercar, the Dorean automobile company took up the search for powerful cars of the car and announced a contest of suppliers. The current capacity, which is issued by a 4.2 liter engine of the V8 from Audi, squeezing 400 horsepower as much as possible (480 nm), is no longer satisfied with the manufacturer. Spyker leadership believes that with such indicators the car cannot carry the proud title of supercar and be competitive in modern market conditions. The company initially plans to use the V8 power unit from Cadillac CTS-V, designed for 6.2 liters, with a boost. But on this option, a cross was set as a result of a broken scandal with General Motors, after which Spyker filed a lawsuit, where the Americans put a claim for 3 billion. dollars. Currently, the Dutch company continues to search for a supplier of more powerful power units V8 for C8 Aileron. The output power, according to Spyker, should be at least 500 horsepower. The calculations of Dutch engineers show that it is such a motor that will allow the supercar to accelerate to hundreds of kilometers per hour no more than 4.5 seconds. Expected car speed – 300 km/ h. Recall that in 2009 at the International Motor Show in Geneva, a second -generation C8 Aileron supercar was presented, which is now produced in two bodies: a convertible and a compartment. Supercar Spyker is distinguished by its light and durable design, as well as an external design, which inspired the Dutch company past experience in the aviation field. It is possible to implement in Moscow with a driver and without at competitive prices on the site:

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