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The process of installing a wet facade

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After the most difficult process – the construction was completed, it is necessary to think about the appearance of the building. To be more precise, you need to think about the decoration of the building. The so -called lining of the house allows not only to give the building a beautiful appearance, but also to durability. On day a day there are more and more ways to finish buildings. One of the most common ways of external decoration of buildings is the wet facade. This name received this method of decoration due to the fact that in the process a variety of mixtures are used that are bred by water.

This type of decoration is most often used for buildings such as residential buildings from Pestovo, administrative and sports, as well as industrial buildings. In the event that you follow the finish technology, the facade will delight you with a huge number of advantages.

– Thermal insulation. At any time of the year, the house will lose at least heat.

– Soundproofing. You will not be disturbed by the noise of the street.

– Minimum weight. The wet facade has lightweight, which does not give additional loads on the foundation.

– If necessary, it is easily repaired.

– Excellent decorative qualities.

– And, most importantly, it can be repainted in any color as many times as you need.

In order to finish the house with a wet facade, you need to observe the technology. There are several stages of wet facade. The first thing you have to do is to carry out preparatory work. To do this, it is necessary to clean the surface of the walls from the previous coating, dust and other contaminants. Next, you need to apply a primer layer. Only after the primer dries can begin to insulate the facade. For this, foam plates must be planted on the adhesive base. A mesh is attached on top of the plates, on which the plaster is applied. It is the application of plaster that is the main and final stage. In stores you can find a huge number of various types of plaster. It is necessary to choose it based on what function the facade will perform. If the wet facade is intended

improving appearance, it is better to opt for a decorative mixture. You can find a huge number of various shades of the mixture, as manufacturers produce a huge palette of colors. But in the event that it has a protective character, it is better to opt for a similar purpose of the mixture.

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