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Mitsubishi Outlander Phev in Russia

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Recently it became known that the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi plans to bring his new Hybrids Outlander Phev hybrid to the largest car dealership, which will be held in Moscow. After an official presentation, this vehicle can be bought at the Russian car market.

In an interview with journalists, company representatives said that the design of the hybrid installation of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV model is working in a very interesting algorithm. The main driving force of the brand new SUV became two improved electric motors, which were fixed on the rear and front axles. This allows you to absolutely not worry about any problems of the center differential, since it simply is not here. With intensive acceleration or at fairly high speeds, an updated 2-liter engine is connected, which can also be used as an excellent battery generator.

Initially, the developers of the car concerns were afraid of certain problems that could arise during the operation of the hybrid drive directly in the conditions of rather cold Russian winters, but after careful tests of the brand new SUV in severe frosts, these fears were completely dispelled, since Outlander Phev works great in the cold.

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