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Which banks are not recommended to pay fines

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It is reported that the Moscow Department of Moscow, which is responsible for the city’s road transport infrastructure, has been published a list of “unreliable” banking institutions. The repayment of fines for violation of the rules of the road, in banks from this list, may lead to the fact that the Data database will not see it.

To get acquainted with the full list, such organizations, you can go to the official website of the department. The total number of unreliable banks fit on 25 pages.

These included: MDM Bank, Bank Russian Standard, Yandex.Money, Alfa-Bank, as well as Raiffeisenbank and Guta Bank and many others. A little earlier, such information was published by a relatively small part of banks from the new list.

Drivers need to listen to the recommendations of the transport department, which advises, when making repayment of fines in institutions that are not included in the “black” list, indicate the number of the fine, which guarantees the timely crediting of funds and confirming their receipt in GIS GMP.

Not fulfilling obligations to their clients, some banks, led to the fact that in the month of this year, a huge number of motorists in a timely manner paid the penalty, they became at once, debtors.

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