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The first photos of the Cadillac flagship

by texasnews

Cadillac employees began to perform tests of the new flagship car brand. The model built on the basis of the conceptual car Elmiraj will most likely have the code name LTS. Serial production of the car is scheduled for 2016.

The test version takes a number of tests in the Canadian reservation. Photoshpions were able to make several clear images of the new car. Despite the tight camouflage coating, the overall outlines of the car can easily be guessed. The model has a strong similarity to the XTS car, but it will be fundamentally larger and much luxurious.

Xenon lamps for this car are also just purchasing how to order the car itself on the company’s website on the network.

A number of technical details have been disclosed so far, but there is information that the machine will be equipped with the rear -wheel drive, it will probably be optionally discovered by access to full. The base engine will most likely act as a 3.6-liter turbocharged V6 with a power level of 420 horses close. It is also planned to produce a completely new V8 installation.

We remind you, the conceptual model of Elmiraj, on the platform of which a new car was built, was demonstrated by the general public last year, at a car exhibition in Frankfurt. Then the company representatives reported that the prototypical version is not far from the future serial product. The overall characteristic of the car is 5200 mm length, 1930 mm width and 1397 mm heights. The machine is equipped with a 4.5-liter V8 installation with a twin turbocharged and a power level of 507 horses.

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