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Why Texas had to stop mining

by marusia

Texas miners have suspended the production of cryptocurrencies due to abnormally high heat in the state. The management company asked them to do this, thereby reducing the load on the network, which is already at the limit due to the non-stop operation of air conditioners and fans.

The fact is that in many cities of the state, the air temperature has already exceeded 40 ° Celsius for many days.

The Texas Blockchain Council has already complied with the request of the UK by shutting down their mining farms. According to the head of the department, Lee Bratcher, farms are being turned off not only because of requests, but also for financial reasons. After all, electricity prices are rising, and cryptocurrency rates have slumped recently.

Farms are closing for several reasons, but primarily because it’s the right thing to do. You have to be a good citizen.
Over the past year, Texas has become one of the top places in the world for mining cryptocurrencies after mining was officially banned in China. Miners are expected to increase electricity demand in Texas to 6 gigawatts by the middle of next year.

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