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Advantages of using an immigration lawyer when traveling to the USA

by buma888

Quite a lot of our compatriots seek to go abroad for permanent residence or to earn money. But you can’t apply for a visa and green card on your own. This process may take several months or more.

Out of rationality, some immigrants turn to an immigration lawyer. Such approach to business is completely justified and has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Immigration lawyer Andrey Plaksin speaks excellent Russian and the client can save on a translator. A big plus is the accuracy of the translation and the impossibility of misinterpreting the speech of a representative of another country;
  • by type of activity, the specialist has to oversee the process of preparing and issuing documents related to staying outside the United States. A lawyer’s business education allows him to immerse himself deeply in the affairs of his clients;
  • since the business of representatives of Slavic countries and European countries has great differences, an immigration lawyer must understand this issue. Plaksin A. has extensive experience in this matter.

Andrey Plaksin is a visa and immigration lawyer providing related services. His participation in the matter will certainly lead to the success of this enterprise.

Obligations of an immigration lawyer regarding a client

Andrey Plaksin belongs to the category of conscientious performers. If he takes on a case, he fulfills all obligations in full:

  • he independently conducts all affairs, without transferring them to his assistant;
  • a specialist never takes on more tasks than he can complete on his own, without involving third parties;
  • does not allow disclosure of the client’s personal data and materials of his case;
  • fully justifies the positive reputation, working for results;
  • does not take a case without a preliminary interview with the customer. During the first meeting, he carefully examines the issue and, together with the client, works through all the pitfalls and risks.

Getting down to business, A. Plaksin independently collects the necessary documents. In the process of conducting a case, he takes part in all meetings and meetings in order to protect the interests of the client, visits all services, without whose assistance it is not possible to obtain a visa or green card. By contacting Plaksin A., you can count on a successful outcome of the matter.

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