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Lifan Solano entered Russia

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On November 26, the Russian markets received a new modification of the Lifan Solano brand sedan, which began to have a variator. Standed transmission works in combination with a 106-horsepower gasoline engine 1.6. As part of the equipment of the Solano car, which has a new box, a pair of frontal airbags, ABS, air conditioning, a leather salon, heated and electric drives, driver sitting, as well as a light sensor. The car now has new alloy wheeled wheels and an audio system with 6 speakers, as well as a USB entrance. The cost of this version is 489.9 thousand rubles.

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Previously, the sedan was available only with a 5-range manual box in two trim levels-CX and DX. The cost of the most budgetary 106-horsepower variation is 409, 9 thousand rubles, but the most expensive costs 434.9 thousand rubles. In addition, the model is proposed from 1.8-liter. An engine that is characterized by power equal to 125 horsepower forces, the price in this case is 459, 9 thousand rubles.

As part of the Russian market, Lifan Solano competes with Nissan Almera, the latter demonstrates 102 liters.With. and costs from 429,000 rubles. Among competitors and Kia Rio with its 107 horsepower and cost from 489.9 thousand rubles, as well as Geely Emgrand – 98 liters.With. The cost of the latter starts from 439,000 rubles. Since November, Lifan has increased the warranty period for the model range to 5 years or 150,000 km of run.

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