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Chevrolet Camaro will be equipped with twin-turbo

by texasnews

December 25, 2012 | 17:17

The popular Camaro model line from the North American manufacturer Chevrolet will have a version with a six-cylinder twin-turbo power installation. This information, by some accident, was discovered by the user of the Camaro5 portal in the General Motors file, which contained a full collection of Vin-numbers and code designations of power units with their decoding.

Judging by this document, a 3.6-liter power unit with an aluminum unit, the technology of the direct reckoning of fuel and the setting of the gas distribution phase will be offered for a car of this family. According to preliminary information, the installation aggression will be approximately 360 horsepower, and in the collection of engines it will be included for machines of 2014 season.

In addition, the North American sports car is supposed to appear a 506-horsepower seven-liter engine LS7. Most likely, it will be installed on the drag modification of the model.

Camaro is currently offered in free sale with a six-cylinder 3.6-liter installation with a capacity of 324 horsepower and with an eight-cylinder unit. The most aggressive modification under the designation ZL1 can boast of 579 horsepower. In 3.78 seconds, such a car accelerates to the first hundred.

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