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Clearing the concept of Jaguar e -type

by texasnews

Jaguar Land Rover Corporation has opened secrets regarding the conceptual E-Type model, which is a sports coupe and has a lightweight case based on aluminum. The development of the machine was carried out by the recently created British division of Special Vehicle Operations. The presentation of the car should take place over the next few days.

It should be noted that the first show of this model took place half a century ago. After that, racing cars were produced in the amount of twelve units, despite the fact that eighteen cars were originally expected. Now the British have an idea regarding the reconstruction of six compartment. It is reported that the development of all cars is carried out on the basis of original drawings.

Various automobile information is published daily on the websites of information. Here you can find commercial information. Semi -trailers of techno trad are offered to view specially created resources.

In the cars, it is planned to install 3.8-liter six-cylinder power units with an in-line cylinder location. It is worth emphasizing that the updated E-Type will weigh 144 kg less compared to previous modifications, since their body will have an aluminum structure.

It is reported that the production of cars will be completely manual. From the words of designers, chassis and other elements of developments will be made without any adjustments. Representatives of the corporation have great expectations regarding the acquisition of replicas by collectors.

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