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Porsche built the “exclusive” Macan

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The German Automobile Company Porsche presented a special version of the Macan S machine, which was prepared using a models individualization program called Exclusive. It should be noted that a little earlier such a modification was developed by the manufacturer for Auto “911 Turbo”.

If you are an individual person, then you want your car to be original. Therefore, without large costs, you can make cilia on the headlights with your own hands, following the instructions set forth on the site. In addition, you can make tuning cilia on headlights of different types of cars.

We also add that the special version of the car received the unusual color of the body coloring, toned headlights, wheel new wheels of 21 inches in size, other rear -view mirrors, as well as the elements of the decoration of the exterior of black color, including the diffuser on the rear bumper, the radiator lattice and the air intakes. It should be said that in the cabin of this updated car there are now there are inserts to the color of the body and the front panel, which is finished with high -quality skin.

The technical names of the crossover remained the same. Recall that “Macan S” Twin-Turbo with the V6 3 motor.0, which at the peak of its revolutions is able to give out 340 full -fledged “horses”. This engine operates in tandem with the semiidiapasic checkpoint “Automat”, which also has 2 clutch. Such a “kitchen” allows the Macan S car to dial the first “hundred” in just 5.4 seconds or in 5.2 seconds with an additional package called Sport Chrono. The maximum valuable speed of the car is 254 km/h. Prices for cars in the Russian Federation start from 2.55 million. rubles.

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