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Criticism of the Texas Abortion Law

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Some US companies have expressed dissatisfaction with the new abortion law that went into effect in Texas. Uber and Lyft have promised to cover the costs of drivers who are sued because of him, and the head of the owner of Tinder and Bumble have decided to create funds to support Texas employees.

Some American companies have expressed dissatisfaction with the new laws of the state of Texas.

A law went into effect in Texas on Wednesday that allows citizens to sue anyone who aborts a woman after the sixth week of pregnancy or assists in such an operation. This may also affect the taxi driver, who, without suspecting it, will take the woman to the clinic for an abortion.

Taxi calling service Lyft will cover all legal costs of drivers who are sued because of the new law, CEO Logan Green tweeted. “This is an attack on women’s access to healthcare and their right to choose,” he said. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi responded to Green’s message by saying his company would also cover drivers’ costs. He stressed that “drivers should not be at risk for taking people where they want to go.”

Shar Dubey, CEO of Match Group, owner of dating service Tinder, will set up a fund to help Texas employees seeking out-of-state abortions, Reuters reported. “The company generally does not take political positions, unless it is relevant to our business. But in this case, I personally, as a woman from Texas, could not remain silent, ”said Dubey.

The Texas Employee Support Fund will also create a dating service called Bumble. “Bumble is a company founded and led by women, and from the very beginning we stood up for the most vulnerable,” the service said on Twitter. Bumble stressed that it will continue to fight “regressive laws”.

Companies also reacted to the approval of the final version of the Texas bill banning some forms of voting seats and giving observers more power. The agency emphasizes that many consider the document restricting access to voting. American Airlines told the agency it was “disappointed” as it hoped for a “different outcome” with the bill.

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