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Fiat concern leads Lancia to his homeland

by texasnews

The top managers of the Fiat auto companies decided to sell Lancia cars only in Italy, and its family has decreased to only one model. This information was reported by the La Repubblica portal. It is planned that the Lancia lineup will lose the five -door Delta, as well as all the European “brothers” of “Chrysler” cars – such as “Flavia” and “Thema”. Director of the company s. Marcionne explained this decision by a different development strategy for this concern.

Consequently, only the Ypsilon hatch will be preserved in the Lancia. Its modern generation was presented in Geneva back in March 2011. At the moment, the machine is sold with two gasoline engines, one “gas” unit and one diesel engine. It should also be said that on the site / you can order radiators for any car models.

The development strategy of this auto company involves a market distinction between its brands – it is a more clear. Under the main brand of the concern, a car of the middle and low price segment will be developed – in T.h. number “Fiat 500 ″ and” Panda “. But for the premium segment they will be responsible for “Alfa Romeo” and “Maserati”. Huge hopes are also entrusted to the Chrysler concern, which will soon pass, and completely under Italian control. Here in the priority plans – the development of an off -road lineup “Jeep” and an increase in its sales in the European market. Recall also that in its implementation of its new strategy in the next 3, the Italian Auto -Concert “Fiat” intends to invest approximately 9 billion. Euro.

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