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Kia Provo on an auto exhibition in Geneva

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KIA showed its Provo concept at the Geneva Motor Show Last Monday after several photos leaked to one of the Internet sites on weekends.

Kia Provo is half a crossover, and half a hatchback (crossback?) is a vehicle of the B-segment, which was developed by the Kia team in Frankfurt.

Kia Provo – characteristics

The new conceptual car from Kia has a length of approximately 153 inches, 69 inches width and 53 inches height. This makes the concept 9 inches shorter than Nissan Juke of a similar shape and also approximately 9 inches lower in height. Designers say that they took inspiration for modeling this Kia Provo from Fiat Abarth, Alfa Romeo and other similar cars. Undoubtedly, CASCO companies will be happy to get such a car into their own hands. Why? Read the engine characteristics below.

A Kia Provo with a 1.6 liter engine and turbocharged, which develops 204 horsepower was shown on an auto exhibition in Geneva. This engine works paired with an electric motor, which transfers torque to the rear wheels. In this Kia, a seven -speed gearbox with double clutch will be used for the first time.

Kia Provo design

The bluish-gray paint is emphasized by orange strokes on the roof, brake calipers, front spoiler and the bottom of the rear bumper. Exhaust pipes made in chrome integrated into the rear bumper.

Inside, we see that soft elements are sewn cruciate. We can also see an unusual series of four sensors and a soft steering wheel with a flat lower part. And carbon elements and elements made of polished aluminum are used simply everywhere in this Kia Provo.

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