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Gasoline began to grow up rapidly

by texasnews

Retail prices for various types of fuel began to grow very rapidly upward. Over the past week, the average price for AI-92 at Moscow gas stations increased immediately by 44 kopecks. per liter and amounted to 29.63 rubles. This was reported in “Interfax” referring to the Moscow Fuel Association.

In addition, AI-95 gasoline rose immediately AN 47 kopecks. per liter (up to 32.6 rub.), and the price of diesel fuel increased by 13 kopecks. – 33.22 rubles per liter of fuel. The lowest price of AI-92 gasoline in Moscow was observed at the RN-Moscow gas stations, and the cheapest AI-95 at the Tisa gas station, diesel fuel for Tisa and RN-Moscow. In the leaders at the highest prices for fuel, Lukovolov, BP and Gazpromneft remain fuel.

It must be recalled that the growth of all wholesale prices for fuel by 20% has already caused severe concern. The Ministry of Energy, as well as the Federal Antimonopoly Service, held a preventive conversation with all the fiberies. According to the authorities, the main reason for this rise in price is to increase the exports of commodity gasoline, and also propose to make a ban on export of gasoline from March to October, organize direct supplies from the Republic of Belarus and increase export fee for non -goods gasoline and petttege for all chemistry for all chemistry.

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