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New BMW electric car charging system

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All automobile companies are now working on the development of electric vehicles, hybrids and other cars operating on alternative energy. Each company understands that in the very near future energy -saving and environmentally harmful cars will be in the first place with buyers. However, for all electric vehicles there is one important problem – charging a car, which is still very uncomfortable. To do this, the car should be in a static state for a long time.

BMW Group has released the first fully electrical model i3 and I8 sports car hybrid. At the moment, BMW engineers are working on the creation of an inductive charger for each car so that the electric car charging the process is simple and comfortable. The car should be a comfort zone, and accessories for Jeep 2012 will make each trip convenient and free. On the site you can view Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014, as well as many other accessories.  The BMW innovative system is two elements: an induction coil, which is inserted into the floor of a parking lot or a garage, and a coil built in the bottom of any car. From the power of the coil 3.6 kW, the BMW electric car will be charged in three hours.

The system is already working on electric cars I, and the company plans to install it on all future models. The charging process is very simple: the car is fixed above the station, and the driver with one button launches energy receipt. The system will make all other actions itself and will even report on the results of the owner’s smartphone. The new BMW system can be used in open spaces, because all its components are perfectly and reliably protected.

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