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High -quality used tires from Europe

by texasnews

SHINY-LEPSE.In is a proven online store in which you can purchase tires from European countries. This company has a warehouse where there is rubber. You are guaranteed to receive high -quality products, since foreigners change tires very often, while in pursuit of new brands that they do not have time to wear out for a short period of use.

The advantages of this company

The company has the status of the largest Ukrainian supplier of tires.

All products are tested for defects.

There is a huge assortment of selected rubber (more than 20,000 pieces). The world -famous brands are represented, namely Dunlop, Michelin, Good Year, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Nokian, Firestone.

The available tires are suitable for any category of a motorist (for cars, SUVs, trucks, special equipment, motorcycles). You can choose the entire set of tires, pair, opening.

Entities to the warehouse are constantly carried out.

The cost of the goods is available in the presence of excellent quality.

Delivery is possible throughout Ukraine. The order is from 1 to 3 days. If desired, you can take the tire yourself from the warehouse.

Payment is made by Bank cards VISA, MasterCard. When sending by mail, partial prepayment is needed.

If there are questions, you can fill out the reverse shape and find out the cost of rubber and what exactly is in the warehouse.

Thus, if you want to get high -quality used tires from European manufacturers, you can contact this site to order a product, since the company is a major supplier.


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