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How Tesla will start building a giant battery

by marusia

Tesla’s subsidiary is building a large battery in Texas that can power up to 20,000 homes. In Texas in February, a snowstorm caused power outages.

The base of the space company Musk SpaceX is located in Texas, where the billionaire plans to build a new city, and he himself recently moved to live in Texas

A Tesla subsidiary has begun construction on a large battery pack in Texas after the state suffered power outages following a snow storm in February, Bloomberg reported. Workers wearing hard hats bearing the company logo have been spotted at the site, but construction is generally being conducted in secrecy, with equipment covered by a cloth and photographers asked not to film because it is a “secret project,” the agency wrote.

It found out that the work is being carried out by Gambit Energy Storage. From public documents, Bloomberg found out that it is registered at the same address in California, where the Tesla office is located. And in one of Tesla’s documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the agency found direct confirmation that Gambit Energy Storage is Tesla’s “daughter”. Tesla management did not respond to inquiries.

According to Bloomberg, the battery capacity will be more than 100 megawatts – a battery of this capacity can power about 20,000 homes on a hot sunny day, the agency says. Such batteries are needed in order to store the energy produced by solar panels or wind turbines. You can earn money on them: accumulate energy during reduced tariffs and sell during increased ones, Bloomberg noted.

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