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Difficulties in driving on a winter road.

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Perhaps only children rejoice in snow, ice, for them it is only winter entertainment. Motorists in winter are not at all fabulous. It gets dark early, the roads are slippery, we are not able to change these factors, which means that we will have to adjust our manner of driving a car. Firstly, in winter it is necessary to reduce the speed of driving, since on a slippery road the braking distance increases, which in turn prevents movement safety. Secondly, you should more seriously control the distance to the in front of moving transport. Thirdly, if you felt that your car is starting to enter, do not panic, do not throw the steering wheel, in no case do not press the brake, otherwise the car will completely lose control. If your car is rear -wheel drive and drift occurred when you pressed on the gas, drop speed, turn the steering wheel towards the drift. If you are the owner of a front -wheel drive machine, press the gas pedal to the end, the steering wheel is also towards the drift. And the last – do not fuss, get nervous, wind yourself. Try to perform all actions as smoothly as possible, especially entering the turn, do not turn the steering wheel to a big degree. Even if you are very in a hurry, you should not move in a checkerboard pattern, cutting your neighbors. Show respect for other participants in the movement. Rush on the road, especially in winter, a bad adviser. Professional and competent . Optimal prices. Visit the PVP-Avto website

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