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How to save on customs payments (continuation)

by texasnews

26 August, 2013 | 9:24

We can conclude that in this situation it is better for you as an individual to buy this car directly from a German company. Moreover, in this case, you can save not only money, but also personal time. And if you need original spare parts and engines from a supplier in Yaroslavl, visit the site . Optimal prices. However, it must be borne in mind that with this option for buying a car, all actions on customs clearance are carried out by you until the moment the car is received from the warehouse. You pay and customs payments yourself. When it is better to buy a car directly from Autotreidroil LLC usually, buying a vehicle is directly beneficial from us if you purchase a completely new car or its age no more than 3 years. Example of savings 2: You purchase a new vehicle with a diesel engine, the volume of which = 2500 cubic meters.cm. Its estimated value is 20.000 €. The duty for an individual is 48% of the estimated value of this car, but not less than 5.5 € per 1 cubic meter.cm., that in the end is 13.750 €. Buying a car directly from us, the duty for a legal entity is 30% of the estimated value of the car, but not less than 1.9 € per 1 cubic meter.cm., plus VAT 20% of the total amount of car cost and duty, which in our case is 11.200 €. The difference is 2200 €. It can be concluded that in such a situation it is more profitable for you as an individual to buy a vehicle from LLC Autotreidroil or yourself for a legal entity (if any).

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