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Installation of a new filter.

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Before installing a new filter, you need to close the hole for draining a bolt. There is a copper puck on this bolt, which serves as a seal. She must be present necessarily. In addition, it is recommended to change it regularly after several oil change. Before installing the filter, you need to lubricate the rubber gasket with oil, which is on that side that adjacent to the engine. You can also fill the filter with fresh oil. This procedure is not required, but otherwise after replacement, the car may not start the first time and a pressure sensor may burn for several seconds. This is due to the fact that to create the necessary compression, the filter must be filled. Then the oil is directly filled. It is important to know that when draining the old oil, it does not follow completely and some volume remains. Therefore, you do not need to immediately pour a passport amount of liquid. For example, if the passport volume of oil in the engine is 3.7 liters, then you need to pour no more than three liters immediately. After that, check the level using the probe. If necessary, pour further in small portions each time conducting a check. It is also necessary to take into account that this rather viscous fluid needs time to completely glass. When the volume is brought to optimal, you need to close the neck and you can start the car. After some time of the engine operation, the engine is jerking off and the oil level is checked again. If the replaced and fresh oil differs in characteristics, brands, etc.D., then rinse the engine with flushing oil. The minimum package of documents, profitable and convenient . You will receive the minimum possible % of the bets, as fast and profitable as possible. Visit the site 1001credit

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