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New sketches of Marussia cars

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Marussia Corporation published the first drafts of cars created according to the Cortege project. The task of the project is to develop a modular platform, as well as unified nodes and assemblies for production in the open spaces of the Russian Federation of the new series of cars.Based on the assumptions, the line will consist of cargo classes of cars. At the same time, the creation of various components and technological solutions on the basis of the “motorcade” will be of great benefit to other automobile enterprises that will use them in their own developments on licensing rights. Such information was published by the press service of Marussia.

All kinds of automotive information is distributed through specialized sites. In particular, on such portals you can find, where auto parts Minsk are sold have enough supplier companies.

At the first stage of the development of the project, it is planned to create and release the representatives of the representative class, which will be in the special purpose garage, which serves the head of state. This applies to large -sized limousines, sedan, SUV and accompanying minibus.

The next design stage will be accompanied by serial production of premium cars for the subsequent implementation of the mass consumer and corporate parks. Thus, the development of two cars is expected: the Marussia L2 limousine and the Marussia F2 jeep, which will be supplemented by the corporation production program.

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