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Lexus introduced a new compact crossover

by texasnews

The other day, in Moscow there was a closed presentation of the new crossover from the Toyota Motor concern, which is called Lexus NX. The model that the guests of the event was a compact premium crossover.

The appearance of this car in the salons of our Motherland is planned in the fall of this year, and now, dealers are already drawing up a reception of preliminary applications for NX.  So it will be possible to purchase it here on the website of the official Lexus dealer.

The minimum price for the basic package will be 1.4 million rubles, in which you will be offered a crossover with front -wheel drive, under the hood of which a two -liter atmospheric engine with a capacity of 150 horses.

In addition, under the hood of a crossover, a two -liter turbo engine will also enter, which is worth noting, because this is the first for Lexus, a turbocharged two -liter gasoline engine. This unit was designed specifically for NX, and according to the specialists of Lexus, it “pulls” it is much better than the standard Lexus engine with a volume of 3.5 liters.

An alternative version of the crossover will be a hybrid installation, with a 2.5 -liter gasoline engine and an electric motor, a total capacity of 197 horses.

Also, NX will be presented in all -wheel drive configuration. The cost of the luxury version of the crossover will be 2.2 million rubles. This price is set for maximum equipment and all -wheel drive.

At a closed presentation, representatives of Lexus reported that the NX should become a real bestseller of the Russian market, and they expect, next year, to sell more than 6 thousand units of this model. Marketers, however, expect NX to occupy about 10 % of the premium crossover market segment.

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