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Lexus RX 270

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Model of the premium-class SUV Lexus RX 270 is presented in Russia with three trims-Prestige, Comfort and Executive. This is a truly prestigious car symbolizing the success of its owner. A comfortable salon with luxurious decoration is equipped with many convenient options. These are a variety of backlights, intellectual climate control, spacious trunk with the ability to increase its area due to the folded seats. The model has an ergonomic and functional dashboard with a liquid crystal display, a high -quality audio system. With the help of joystick, the driver can manage navigation, multimedia and climate control. offers you to use their services at favorable prices on the site: Moikaavto powerful 16-valve gasoline engine with a volume of 2.7 liters is economical-with a mixed cycle, gasoline consumption is 9.8 l/100 km. A special suspension design – a rigid chassis, united with an advanced suspension, the rear independent suspension on double levers – increases the stability of the car and allows you to easily control it in the city and on a crossed area. Gear switching is adjusted using an intellectual six -speed automatic transmission for specific road conditions and driving styles. The steering wheel power power steering automatically adjusts the machine control at high speeds. The model has a safety system, including a hard high -strength body, 10 airbags, belts with pretense. The design of the steering column is such that with a frontal impact it breaks and does not injure the driver.

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