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The Germans created the economical Audi A3 Ultra

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Audi automotive brand managers conducted an economical version of A3 Ultra. It boasts the presence of a gasoline engine, the volume of which is 1.4 liters. The power of this motor is limited to 150 “horses”. Its feature is a system that disconnects a pair of cylinders. The Germans equipped the same option, which produces 140 “horses”. The volume of this unit is the same.

The most economical version of A3, which is sold in the Russian market, is equipped with a diesel engine. It develops the power of up to 143 horsepower and consumes only 4.4 liters of fuel at a distance that is measured a hundred kilometers.

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The new version of A3 will have in its equipment or mechanical gearbox gearbox, or a robotic S Tronic for seven steps. The maximum speed of the car is 220 kilometers per hour.

To overcome a 100-kilometer distance by a car, the engine will require 4.7 liters of fuel. Moreover, he will throw 109 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer into the air. A motor with a capacity of 150 “horses” will be mounted on three- and five-door hatchbacks, sedan, as well as a convertible.

In addition to A3 Ultra gasoline engines, a diesel unit will have. It will be characterized by a volume of 1.6 liters. Power 110 liters.With.

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