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Moscow – Great choice for travel

by texasnews

To make a great vacation, it is not necessary to go abroad. This can be done in Russia, our country offers wide opportunities for tourists. We advise you to visit Moscow, you will get a lot of pleasure from traveling and enjoy the beauty of this city.

The capital is an amazing place, the city every year attracts thousands of tourists not only from Russia, but also from other countries of the world. Here you can get acquainted with the history of Russia, inspect local attractions and get many positive emotions from your trip.

One of the most interesting places in the city is a diamond fund. It presents works of jewelry, rare nuggets and stones obtained at Siberian deposits. Here are imperial crowns, jewelry made by jewelers of the Russian Empire and considered the property of the state. It was here that part of the gifts of the emperors got, especially valuable products and jewelry.

This is a unique museum that has no analogues in Russia. His collection will delight you with its unique features, the sophistication of every detail.

But do not forget about choosing a place for accommodation in the capital. Likehome Polyanka apartments will be an excellent choice for you. In this place you will find everything you need for a comfortable residence of tourists, and the guests will not experience any inconvenience. The location in the city center will allow tourists to quickly get to the main attractions, and return to the hotel in the evening.

We advise you to inspect the Bolshoi Theater, it will definitely delight you with its unique architecture. The first buildings have been built since 1776, but they were pursued by fires, and the emperors constantly rebuilt this construction. Only in 1856 the last version of the Bolshoi Theater was opened, and Apollo quadrig was established above the central part. According to legend, she had to not only decorate, but also protect the building.

The theater is considered one of the largest and most successful in Russia. All dancers and opera singers strive to get into it, because work in the large one is a peak of a career and universal recognition. Visiting the performance is not so easy, tickets are sold out immediately, after the start of sales. But if you are lucky, you can visit one of the concerts, enjoying an elegant interior and excellent performances.

These are only a few attractions of the capital, and to inspect them all, it will take a lot of time.

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